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Employee Lecture While Working, Why Not? Here Are Some Success Tips For You!

Author: Kuliah Karyawan
12 Mar 2021

1. What is Employee Class Program

2. Types and Differences of Employee Class

3. Advantages of Employee Class

4. Success Tips for Your Career and Education to Run Smoothly

5. How to Choose a Major for Employee Class?

6. Smart Solution

7. Which Cities/Regencies/Provinces Are There Employee Class Programs?

8. Conclusion


1. What is Employee Class Program?

Kuliah Karyawan

For new students graduating from high school, vocational school, MAN, PKBM, package C graduates, and students graduating from D1, D2 and D3 must be confused between wanting to continue your education to the University level or just working, right? Actually, if you can do both activities at the same time, why not? It is not like that? Indeed, this will take a lot of time, as well as the thoughts you have. But did you know that college employee class has many benefits?

Employee class lecture program or commonly referred to as employee class is a lecture program which can be applied by workers who continue their studies and graduate students from any education . Lectures this employee is certainly present for workers who still want to take their education to a higher level. Now, many campuses have provided this employee class course. Before going into further explanation, it helps us to know the differences and types of this employee class class.

Actually, employee class does not have many types, there are only two options for employees if they want to continue their education but study while working. The following is a brief explanation of the differences in this employee class class.

2. Types and Differences of Employee Class Class

Employee class programm are many and varied. There are Sunday Employee Classes and there are also Evening Employee Classes ( Evening Classes ) What the difference from Saturday Employee Classes and evening class (night class)? Even though they are both employee class right? Saturday employee class and night employee class (night class) only differ in the learning time.

If the evening class (night class)  has time for the day of study like lecture in general, Monday to Friday, but for the hours starting at night, yes the name also evening class employee class (night class ) is not. This type of night employee class (night class) is suitable for workers who have time to work from morning to evening.

Meanwhile Saturday Sunday Employee Class has Lectures only on Saturdays and Sundays. Employee Lecture This type is suitable for workers who do have full working hours from Monday to Friday and are only free on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Advantages of Employee Class

Employee tuition certainly has advantages compared to regular college. The following are some of the advantages found in employee class lectures:

Employees who already earn an income must be confused by the high tuition fees. Do not worry! Because employee class tuition has very affordable costs for employees who want to continue their studies and degrees with tuition fees in one semester which can be paid in installments every month.

Come on, don't hesitate to join this employee class program! If indeed the first choice campus has a fairly expensive cost, there are still many campus options out there and are no less good than your first choice and could be the next choice.

In the employee class especially online lecture program, lecturers can deliver and present lectures subjects via video conferencing, students can observe lessons in a relaxed manner , if there is missed, no need to be afraid! This material can be downloaded for the presentation file and the lesson document so you don't miss the lesson.

Usually the campus has provided an official website for students so that they can archive material files that have been given by the lecturer concerned. If indeed the campus does not yet have this facility, the materials can be asked directly to the lecturer directly, so there is no need to be afraid if you want to take an online course.

Now this is also an advantage if you take the employee college program, the lecture schedule does not conflict with working hours and can make learning agreements with lecturers at any time. Nowadays, technology has developed, your lecture can even be done online / online using video conferencing applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Jitsi and so on.

Employee class lectures based on online lectures can certainly make it easier for employees, right? Only with a gadget and a stable internet connection, you can go to college. So don't be afraid to take a employee class yes! Because this online college will not interfere with your work at the office.

If you are now an employee but your career path is blocked because of your college graduate degree? no problem, employee class course will help you get your diploma, bachelor's degree and so on. If you have passed at least a diploma or bachelor's degree, your career path will be achieved and your income / salary will certainly increase too, right?

Now many companies provide management trainee programs, this program is specially designed for freshgraduates or who have less than one year of experience to be trained as management in the company. If there is an opportunity for them to have not much experience, they can become management in a company, what about employees who already have a lot of experience? So don't hesitate to take the employee class, so that your career path and income can be better.

4. Success Tips For People Who Want to Take Employee Class Program

Studying while working is a decision that should not be made arbitrarily. There are several things that must and must be carefully considered, including economic issues. Indeed, not a few students can successfully carry out both of them until they graduate well. But all of that, of course, requires sacrifice, right? Here are some tips for yourself if you want to study while working.

For those who have plans to take college but are in a working condition, this is very important to tell the superiors of the company where you work. This is so that later you will get dispensation if one day there is an event and require permission to not come to work someday.

In addition, it is possible that the company you work for wants to finance / provide scholarships until the completion of your study period on campus. Of course, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Find the right moment to discuss it with your boss.

Of course, for employees who want to do study while working, they must be good at managing their time as well as possible. Because if you don't, later you will feel overwhelmed in doing college assignments at the same time as office assignments.

If you want to take the night employee class (night class), you can do your college assignments on Saturday or Sunday, and if you take employee class on Saturdays, can do college assignments when they come home from work / come home in the evening. Of course, between employee class evening or employee class Saturday and Sunday has its own advantages and disadvantages.

This is also important for employees who want to study while working, because if you choose a full time job that will take up more than 50% of your time, you will feel overwhelmed in the future. Choose a freelance or part-time job that can make it easier for you to manage your college schedule so that it doesn't clash.

With freelance work, of course, it can be easier to manage your college schedule and your freelance schedule. Because at some point in the future there will be many assignments from campus, you can postpone looking for other freelance jobs and only focus on college and completing lecture assignments that have been given by your lecturer.

Fatigue is sure to become the food of every day. Therefore, it is important to maintain your health so that later you are not easily attacked by disease. Having a lot of activities will definitely make you spend a lot of time having fun, so you shouldn't underestimate your mental health either.

Moreover, coupled with the pandemic conditions due to Covid-19 as it is now, consume more vitamin C to maintain immunity so that you become more fit after a lot of activities all day. In addition, do not forget to exercise in the morning. Because exercise can also help maintain stamina when your condition is tired.

5. How to Choose a Major for Employee Class

Many people must be confused about choosing a major that matches their passion, right? Choosing a major is indeed not easy according to some people, because at the beginning you feel very eager to take the major and are very confident in the major, but when you are in the middle of the journey, you will regret why you took that major. For those of you who are still unsure about choosing a college major, you don't need to worry, here is how to choose a major for you.

If you are an employee, you feel that your work has been occupied but is not in accordance with your passion, it is okay to choose another major according to your passion. Of course, this will also add new insights and knowledge, certainly not.

However, if you have chosen a major in accordance with your passion or hobby from the start, of course, there is no need to adapt to new things anymore, because you already know the field at least the basics. How how to dig passion from yourself? The simplest way is to find out which hobbies and talents you have had for a long time. For example, if you have a hobby of cooking, of course you can major in culinary arts. Or if your hobby is traveling, you can later major in tourism.

This can also add to your plus value, especially if the competition in your class is really someone new to this field. It won't be difficult for you to be number one!

It looks trivial, but this will be a problem if in the future you feel that the major you have taken is not in accordance with your passion, because initially in choosing a major, you only follow your friends. If your friend wants to take a different major from your initial major, you can still meet if you're on campus, even though you're in different classes and majors. Focus on achieving what you have wanted and targeted for a long time. 

After all, over time, of course, you will get friends from one college major right. Because later you will definitely be faced with a lot of group assignments and require you to be able to adapt to friends in the same major in the same class. So don't hesitate and be afraid to take a different major with your friends! Compared to later you will have difficulty in the middle of the trip. It's better to dare to be different, but that's your passion in that department.

Before taking a college major, make sure to check the job opportunities of that major first! This is important because if you don't see job opportunities from the majors first, you may lose competitiveness with other people who already have a lot of experience in the field of work. 

Choose a major that does provide a high enough job opportunity and is needed by many companies. Because as technology develops, many jobs have been replaced by robots. Don't forget to also look at alumni from the majors you will be taking, to find out what job opportunities can be your future targets.

Each major has varying tuition costs as well. The cost of tuition has a different nominal, ranging from millions to tens and even hundreds of millions. The cost of tuition is also different in each university. Even though the majors are the same, but not necessarily the same price.

Of course, choose the college intelligently the major you want and adjust the tuition fee with your abilities. Don't let this tuition fee become a burden for you in the future or your parents.

It's a good idea before making this decision, you can discuss it with your parents first regarding the college major that will be taken along with the cost tuition. If parents can try, of course there is no need to be confused, but if not, don't force it. Try looking for other majors that can still be afforded or looking for scholarships both from within the country and abroad. Now there are many people who give scholarships with conditions that can be met.

6. Smart Solution

Smart solution for people who are YET'S WORKING and have relatively difficulty in getting a job. Therefore, taking Employee Class at edunitas.com is the main solution to get a job. Namely increasing experience through them (college students), and finally getting the desired job plus increasing their formal education to Diploma Three (D-III), Bachelor (S-1) or Post-graduate (S-2) levels.

In addition, it is a smart solution for people who are ALREADY WORKING and it is relatively difficult to increase the development of their career paths and get a better source of income. So taking the Employee Class is the main solution for the development of higher education for employees or employees, namely increasing formal education knowledge, experience, career path, and source income

7. Which Cities/Regencies/Provinces Are There Employee Class Programs?

The Employee Class Program has been implemented in certain areas such as: Banten in the city of Tangerang, Central Java in the city of Semarang, Cilacap, Brebes, Boyolali and Surakarta, Bali in the city of Denpasar, North Sulawesi in the city of Manado, North Sumatra in the city of Medan, West Sumatra in the city of Padang, Aceh in the city of Banda Aceh and Langsa, Lampung in the city of Bandar Lampung, East Kalimantan in the city of Samarinda, DKI Jakarta, West Java Province in Cileungsi, Subang, Bogor, Bandung, Bekasi, Depok, Kuningan, Sukabumi, Purwakarta dan Cirebon, Provinsi East Java in the city of Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Malang, Gempol Pasuruan and Kediri, Yogyakarta Region, South Sulawesi in the city of Makassar, Riau Islands in Batam, Riau in the city of Pekanbaru, Kalimantan Tengah in the city of Palangkaraya and West Kalimantan in the city of Pontianak.

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8. Conclusion

Those are some success tips for those who run employee class lectures. Many people have succeeded in doing it. So, it's not impossible to do it with you, right? In addition, choosing a major is also very important to determine your future career.

Because later if you have chosen the wrong major, you have already entered that major, it is difficult to leave and it is not comfortable to continue. So, think carefully before making a decision! Before taking this course, you can discuss it with the closest people who are experienced or with people who are experts in this field.