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Metode blended learning atau e-learning (online learning) adalah pembelajaran yang menggunakan metode tatap muka dan jarak jauh yang fleksibel dan efisien.

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Benefits of Blended learning (E-learning) in the Digital Age

Author: Blended Learning
09 Mar 2021
Manfaat Blended learning (E-learning) dalam Pembelajaran di Era Digital cover

Currently, there are many blended learning / e-learning or electronic learning programs in the world of education. The blended learning method is a learning program that combines both face-to-face learning methods with online learning / e-learning.

The blended learning method continues to use direct (face-to-face) learning for some time and the rest is carried out by e-learning. The blended learning method is actually different from the usual online learning method.

In the blended learning method, the learning interaction is carried out partly online and partly face-to-face, so the learning system has two-way interaction between students and lecturers.

Blended learning has advantages, what are the advantages of this learning method? Here are some of the advantages of the blended learning method.

  • Learning occurs independently and conventionally

Blended learning requires you to be an independent and conventional student at the same time, these two things have advantages that can complement one another.

  • More effective learning

Learning using the blended learning method is more effective and efficient because the material delivered is online and face-to-face which allows learning to occur in two-way communication.

  • Improve student accessibility

With blended learning, students learn more easily in accessing learning materials because of the two-way communication system.

  • Discussion activities take place online or offline can take place outside of learning hours

Discussion activities took place well between students and lecturers as well as between other students.

The blended learning/e-learning method requires several things, namely:

  • Need a gadget to support learning activities

Gadgets are needed to carry out the blended learning method, these gadgets can use smartphones, laptops, or ipads. Assisted by an adequate internet connection, this is very much needed so that students who use the blended learning method can run optimally.

  • Requires learning strategies to maximize the material being taught

Lecturers certainly need strategies to maximize the material that will be given to their students. Because the blended learning method is different from the face-to-face lecture, it is natural for some lecturers to find this difficult. Lecturers are also always up to date with technology.

Blended learning does have many benefits. Because as technology develops, we certainly need to adjust our activities to make it easier. Technology was created to facilitate community activities.

So far, the benefits of blended learning that we can really feel are, we can maximize the time we have. Due to the nature of the blended learning method, it is not hindered by time and distance. Of course this is very useful for students, especially students who are college while working. This is very effective and flexible, of course it really helps you to finish lectures on time.

No need must go to campus, you can already college. It also saves you costs too. Blended learning provides an opportunity for students to be in control of when the schedule for blended learning starts. Students can freely determine when to start, when to finish, and which part of a module they want to study first.

But keep in mind, if you are given that kind of freedom, you still have the same responsibilities as college in general. Because if the learning does not run optimally and effectively, you will also be at a loss, so if you do not understand the material taught by your lecturer, of course you will miss the lesson and have an effect on graduation later.

In general, blended learning is the same as online lectures. For those of you who are asking for success tips for online lectures, you can read tips for online lectures here, because actually their learning method is the same.

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Stay diligent and enthusiastic about running blended learning. This is also a form of support for recommendations from the government so that you stay at home and carry out physical distancing during the Covid-19 outbreak like now.

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