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Reasons Why You Should Choose Evening Class

Author: Evening Class
09 Mar 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word night class? This evening class program is intended for students who want to attend lecture classes at night or it can be for employees who want to carry out lectures but during their hours after work. Because the class schedule tonight usually starts in the afternoon until the evening.

What comes to mind when you first hear the word “evening class”?
The Evening Lecture Program or often also called the Evening Employee Lecture Program is a lecture for those who have limited time in addition to having work activities, which are held in the afternoon or evening after work activities as employees, so they still have the opportunity to study even while working.

List of contents :

1. What is Evening Lecture?

2. Getting to know the Evening Class

3. Evening Class Lecture Time

4. Advantages of Evening Class

5. Tips for Evening Class Students

6. Campus Recommendations Evening Class Program

7. Tips for Choosing Majors for Evening Classes

8. Conclusion


1. What is Evening Class?

Not all universities hold evening class programs, usually only a few private universities (PTS) dare to open evening class programs. Usually this evening class class has lectures in the afternoon or evening.

Maybe according to some people taking the evening class lecture program looks tiring, because after doing activities from the morning and at night they still have to carry out lecture classes. For some others, this evening class is actually a fun thing, considered as a refresher when you have been working all day, meeting new friends on campus and getting a new atmosphere.

But one thing is for sure, you don't have to worry because you are tired of studying it will not be in vain, college is an investment for the future. Besides that, tonight's class lectures have advantages, what are those advantages? the following will be discussed.

2. Getting to know the Evening Class

Probably some students already know what the evening class program is. Evening class lectures are lecture programs for students but want to hold lectures at night. It can be for fresh graduates, freelancers, and employees, all of whom can register themselves for tonight's class.

Class lecture Tonight is a one of a kind employee lecture. There are two types of employee lectures, namely evening classes and weekend lectures (Saturday – Sunday).

Because college Evening classes are a reliable solution for workers who still want to continue their education to college level, so the time / schedule of lectures is carried out in the evening after they come home from work.

Then, who can register in the lecture program tonight? This evening class lecture can be attended by everyone from high school/vocational/equivalent graduates, package C graduates, D1/D2/D3 graduates and equivalent.

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3. Evening Class Lecture Time

Maybe there are still many who are confused, how and when is the time for the implementation of the evening class, here are the models for the implementation of the evening class that currently exist in several campuses :

  1. On Monday – Friday, 17.00 – 20.00 or 18.30 – 21.00
  2. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday 17.00 – 20.00 or 18.30 – 21.00

However, sometimes, the implementation of tonight's lectures prioritizes flexibility in the days and hours of implementation, between lecturers and students can communicate with each other and coordinate to jointly regulate the days and hours of lectures which are considered to accommodate all.

4. Advantages of Evening Class

For those who are working and want to study, deciding to study in the Evening Class program will get several advantages/advantages as follows:

Running two activities at once, namely working and studying has its own challenges, and it is proven that many who study while working are also successful in their careers, because in addition to studying, they apply it directly to their work, whatever they get in college, the night of college, the next day. can be applied directly to the job.

What is more challenging and really needs management is a matter of time, the time between working in the morning until the evening, studying after work and doing assignments. But there's no need to worry, if you've been through it there are always conveniences and ways to be able to easily live it, and this has been proven and can be done easily by those who are currently graduating from the employee lecture program, especially the night class. Make the most of the time you have, appreciate every second of the time.

Having an understanding lecturer, this one advantage can only be felt by night class students.

Why is that so? Because basically lecturers already know that the majority of their students are employees or people who are already working so that part of their time and energy is also used for work. Therefore, they are more understanding to the students of tonight's class. For example by not giving a lot of heavy duty and flexible in task collection rules, etc.

Vacation is certainly a moment that everyone looks forward to, which can be used to rest and relax, not least for night class students who also work as workers, choosing to study at night classes is the right choice, full activity in the day to night to work and study from Monday to Friday for example or only 3 days a week, consider this as a form of optimizing time and daily activities, so that during holidays on Saturday and Sunday, you can fully utilize and focus on family, vacation and refresh yourself, after 3-5 days full of work and college.

5. Tips for Evening Class Students

For students who want to take the Evening Class Program. EduNitas has some tips for you to complete tonight's class program and graduate.

Keep your body in perfect shape healthy and fit, because the increase in activities certainly adds to the burden of energy and mind, which if not maintained properly will result in lowering the body's resistance to being susceptible to illness.

Take vitamin C or blood boosters (for people with anemia) should not be forgotten so that your body condition is always fit and healthy.
Because the class schedule for tonight's class is held at night, surely they will stay up a lot, right? Good for doing college assignments, or even doing other office tasks with tight deadlines.

Therefore, maintaining health is mandatory. As much as possible do exercise in the morning before doing daily routine activities so that your body can be more enthusiastic in carrying out activities, consuming healthy foods and balanced nutrition. Don't forget to keep your mind calm and avoid stress, make college activities a refreshing activity, meet and joke with classmates will make your mood and mind fun

Set time for some people it is indeed not easy, especially for people who are used to relaxing in doing their business. For evening class students you must learn how to manage time so that the existing schedule on your campus does not conflict with the daily routine schedule that already exists.

Usually later students will be faced with filling out the KRS, for night class students. Match your class schedule with your other activity schedules. So that everything can run smoothly until graduating from campus.

Lots of work will take up your time and energy. Therefore, night class students as much as possible take freelance or part-time jobs.

Why? So that later when your lecture schedule is very busy, you can replace your spare time to find work by focusing on your studies first. It won't take long, only four years or eight semesters until you graduate.

6. Campus Recommendations Evening Class Program

Not really all campuses provide evening class lecture programs. However, now there are many campuses that provide evening class lecture programs so that students can carry out lectures at night.

In Jakarta , there are several universities / colleges that hold evening class lecture programs. The first one of which is ITBU (Budi Utomo Institute of Technology), UMJ (University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta) and many other campuses in Jakarta and outside Jakarta. This is only part of the campus, besides these campuses there are still many campuses outside Jakarta and have good accreditation.

7. Tips Choosing a Major for Evening Class Students

Choose a major College is not an easy thing but it is also not as difficult as you imagine. Don't just choose to choose a college with origin and you think it's good at the beginning. There are a number of things to consider before deciding what college major to choose later. Here are some tips for prospective new students who are still unsure what college major to take:

Before deciding to take a major in college, it is better to do some research first. Do research related to the major you are interested in. This research can be in the form of campus location and will be taken, semester tuition fees, and accreditation of the department.

Regardless of In this case, you can also do some research on what courses are available there. This will make it easier for you to be able to take into account all the risks that you will go through while studying during the first semester until the final semester until graduation.

Each major have different job prospects. Before making a decision about a college major, first do some research on job prospects for the related major. To ensure job prospects from college majors so you don't regret it in the future.

Consideration for Job prospects in the future, indeed can not be separated from the choice of college majors, but not the only factor that will make you successful. There are many ways to be successful regardless of which course you major in.

This is one of tips in choosing a college major. You can take a college major according to your hobby. For example, if there are students who have a hobby of singing or dancing, then they can choose an art major at a college to be able to explore hobbies that they have and have existed before.

But it does There are some people who feel confused when they ask what their hobbies are? Well, this is the importance of recognizing your passion from now on. This is important so that later you will not be confused about choosing your major in a college.

If you still have doubts about the third point, which is a hobby, you can certainly consult your doubts to experts in this field. Who are the people in this field? It could be that they are your teacher, or your seniors can also be asked. Because of course they are more experienced in this field. And don't forget to discuss it with your parents.

Because though You're sure of your choice, but what if your parents haven't given their permission? Increase your worship and ask for the blessing of your parents so that your studies run smoothly until you graduate.

Also take note campus and department accreditation yes. Choose a campus that already has accreditation and is registered with BAN-PT so you know that the campus is not a fake campus, let alone a fake. In recent years many campuses have illegally issued fake diplomas. So be careful in choosing a campus for you prospective students.

Surely you As a student, you don't want to have a fake diploma and not be recognized by the state, right? Make sure the campus you want to register for already has a clear website, pay attention to the location of the campus and its facilities can meet the needs of all students.

Though this is the last point, but this is very important because if you choose a college major with exorbitant prices and cannot be paid in installments, do you not mind that?

Now available Many campuses have good facilities at affordable costs and can be paid in monthly installments to make it easier for students to pay their semester tuition fees. Do not forget to also discuss again with your parents. If they agree to pay the semester fees on campus, that means there are no more questions, right? Take a college major at the campus.

8. Conclusion

Those are some tips for evening class college students. There are also many advantages that you will get if you take evening classes. It all comes back to the choice of each - each. So for students who already have the intention to take evening classes, prepare yourself, don't make yourself doubt the choices you have planned in advance. Don't forget to consult with those closest to you who are experienced and also with your parents.

Indeed, finishing the class tonight is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it takes a lot of energy, thought, and money to sacrifice. However, after graduation you will feel an extraordinary experience of course. For students who are currently studying for tonight's class, take care of your health and never give up.

Don't forget to make sure that the campus you choose is registered with BAN - PT, if you still don't know if the campus is registered or not. You can check it on the eduNitas website, because the campuses we have collaborated with are already registered with BAN – PT.

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