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Saturday and Sunday Employee Class? Why? What are the advantages of this course?

Author: Saturday Sunday Class
13 Mar 2021
kuliah kelas sabtu minggu

Saturday Sunday Employee Class , of course identical to employee class, actually since around 2016, the Indonesian government has banned Saturday employee class lecture because there are cases of fake diplomas in the community.

Table of contents :

1.  What is Saturday Sunday Employee Class?

2.  Advantages of Saturday Sunday Employee Class

3.  Types of lectures for Saturday and Sunday employee classes on several campuses

4.  Executive class lecture

5.  Parallel class lecture

6.  Extension class lecture

7.  Conclusion


1. What is Saturday and Sunday Employee Class?

Saturday and Sunday employee class lectures, or maybe it used to be called the remote class program. This Saturday Sunday Employee Class is actually intended for students who are already working but still want to continue their education to college level.

Saturday-Sunday Employee Classes Since 2005, there has been an official decree from the Indonesian government, that only certain universities may hold this lecture program. Why? This is due to the rise of cases of fake diplomas and fake graduations among the public.

In addition to the rampant cases of fake diplomas and fake graduations in this society, the government also realizes that many CPNS applicants have suddenly obtained and already have degrees, but the quality of their human resources / HR is in doubt. Therefore, the employee class program this Saturday - Sunday has been banned in Indonesia.

2. Advantages of Saturday Sunday Employee Class

For workers but still want to continue their education to the college bench, surely they will take employee class, right? Because through this employee class program, employees can still study while working. Employee class is the right choice for these employees.

Besides being able to study while working, employee class also has several advantages, especially for those of you who want to take the Saturday Sunday employee class program, here are some of the advantages:

  • Not bothered by lectures during office hours

This is one of the advantages for Saturday Sunday Employee Class, you can focus on working Monday to Friday, after that you can focus on college and campus on Saturday to Sunday.

  • Have short lecture hours

When you hear the word college what comes to your mind the first time? Boring? Yep! Most Indonesians feel bored because their study time is very long and feels endless.

For those of you who want to take a Saturday Sunday Employee Class class, you certainly don't feel this way. Due to the very short duration of lectures (only two days a week), the campus must find a way so that all learning materials can still be delivered even though time is very limited.

Of course a lot of time is cut off from each subject so that the material is still conveyed. So, your lecture time is actually not the entire time of your regular lecture program.

3. Types of Lectures for Saturday and Sunday Employee Classes in Several Campuses

Even though the Saturday Sunday employee class has been banned by the government because of the rise of fake diplomas and fake graduations. Actually, this employee class class is still allowed to do the learning. However, there are things the campus should pay attention to. The campus must of course register the study program that has this employee class class to BAN-PT so as not to violate the previous regulations and have been applied in Indonesia.

What is BAN-PT? BAN-PT or which stands for the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education is the only accreditation body authorized by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia in improving the quality of higher education / Private Universities (PTS) and State Universities (PTN) in Indonesia.

So, for newly established campuses or those who want to add new study programs on their campuses, they must register themselves to BAN-PT so that the public is not deceived by fake campuses and maybe these fake campuses still exist in Indonesia, but they carry out their actions secretly.

Actually, there are several types of employee class, there are night employee class and Saturday employee class. We've already discussed the night employee class earlier in another article on the eduNitas website.

Read the article night employee class lecture

In addition, there are also some campuses that call it executive class college. What is the difference between executive class, parallel class, and extension course?

4. Executive Class Lecture

Executive class is a special class designed for workers who still want to continue their education to a higher level. The learning process for executive class lectures has been designed and adapted to the availability of student time due to the limited time of students doing study while working.

This executive class lecture is one of the employee class programs, as a substitute for the term college Saturday class because employee class class is Saturday has been banned by the government. Therefore, the campus created a new program, namely executive class which has flexible lectures and can be adjusted by the students.

5. Parallel Class Lecture

Indeed, not many campuses provide this parallel class, but the parallel class lecture has a later schedule than the regular class lecture. Actually, in general, this parallel class does not have a significant difference with the regular class. Only differ in the cost of tuition, parallel class tuition has a fairly high cost for its students.

6. Extension Class Lecture

The extension class program is an advanced program that is intended for graduates from diploma to undergraduate. Usually this study extension class program has a shorter lecture time than the undergraduate program for high school graduates. This extension course program only takes at least two years to graduate.

7. Conclusion

The conclusion for this article is that actually the Saturday Sunday employee class has indeed been removed and banned by the Indonesian government due to the rise of cases of fake diplomas, but the executive class lecture is here for employees who want to continue college to a higher level.

Executive class lectures have been specially designed by the campus because the campus realizes that many people want to study while working. Therefore, learning for this executive class class has flexible lecture time for you.

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