Online Payment System

"The system for managing and recording student payment data is online based (web base) which is specially designed and adapts to payment patterns and payment components that have been required by educational institutions."

No need to worry about COVID-19! Online Payment Recording, reports can be online, make real-time online invoices, everything can be monitored/controlled anywhere at any time

Who should use the Online Payment System?



Very Easy Tuition Payment

Management of Universities and Students/Parents of Universities Students (Universities, Institutes, Colleges, etc.) throughout Indonesia.



Today's Tuition Payment System

School Managers and Students/Parents Educational Institutions throughout Indonesia


Course Institute

Pay Anti-Late Course

Training Managers and Participants, Course Institutions, Learning Guidance and others throughout Indonesia.

Problems that Online Payment System can solve

The Online Payment System was developed to provide a solution to the management needs of education fee payments by educational institutions/institutions.
Payment Transaction Problems

With the Online Payment System, students can make payment of study fees anytime (24 Hours) and anywhere online, so that they are no longer constrained by distance and time.

Recording Problems

Recording of payment transactions will be automatically recorded in the system, no longer required for manual input, saving time and energy (HR). Online recording will be directly inputted accurately, realtime and up to date .

Reporting Issues

With the real-time data collection it will make it easier for internal educational institutions/institutions to get reports quickly and accurately, accessible anytime and anywhere by mobile.

Arrears and Billing Control

The status of the plan and the reality of payments (billing) made by students will be easily and quickly known, so that billing can be done quickly and integrated directly with the system.

Advantages of Online Payment System

Not only recording the income of funds, but also regarding transparency, speed and accuracy of reporting and services to students.

Web-based & responsive financial dashboard

Staff can access the application anywhere, anytime and with any device that makes it easier to control bills and customer payment transactions.

A mobile app version is available for customers

Make it easy for customers to check the latest bill amount and realtime payment notifications.

Application is very
User Friendly

Its use is very easy, it does not require special computer science skills to operate it.

Client data security

The Online Payment System is equipped with an automatic data backup system on a regular basis and the data capacity that can accommodate data is large enough, so that the data will remain safe.

Server devices supported 24 hours

When a problem occurs on the server, our team can immediately handle the problem, so that the transaction process will remain safe and comfortable.

Application maintenance and development

The application continues to be developed in a relevant manner following the patterns and flows that occur as the system runs at the institution / agency.

Tampilan Sistem Pembayaran Online

Pay for College, School, Course anytime anywhere

Payment of Study/Education Fees can be made through the following payment channels:

Indomaret Store

Around 16,974 points, spread almost all over Indonesia.
Payment via Indomaret cashier, I-Kios, I-Saku and Klik Indomaret

Alfamart (Alfa Group) Store

Around 16,974 points, spread almost all over Indonesia.
Payment via Alfamart, Alfamidi, Alfa Express and DanDan cashiers

Bank Mandiri Virtual Account

Payment Via Mandiri ATM, Internet Banking, Prima ATM, Joint ATM and Mandiri Online.

Bank Danamon Virtual Account

VA payments through Danamon ATMs, Other Bank ATMs and D-Bank Danamon Mobile Banking.

Bank Permata Virtual Account

VA payments via Permata ATM, Prima ATM, Joint ATM, Permata Mobile and Permata NET.

Transfer via E-Wallet

Payment Transfer via OVO and DANA Applications.

Via Outlets:

Ranch Market
Angkasa Pura II
Red bean
Shell Select
Ace Hardware
Kawan Lama

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Online Payment System

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